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Application techniques

Applying by brush

Use the largest brush possible. Long flexible bristles are best for gloss paints. When applying by brush a good technique is the ‘Union Jack’ method. Paint is applied to the surface with a diagonal brushing action from the left and right (1). This is then spread further with horizontal strokes (2) before finally ‘tipping off’ with light vertical strokes (3). This results in any brush marks being able to flow out to give the best possible finish.

Applying with roller and brush

Our products are formulated so that a great gloss finish can also be obtained through application with a solvent resistant, high-density small cell size foam roller. This will minimise the formation of bubbles in the surface that can occur with mohair and large cell foam rollers. The paint applied will be thinner and so more coats may be required.

The roller is used to apply paint to the surface and the pad or brush is used to create a smooth surface by ‘tipping off.’ This works particularly well when two painters work side by side.

Always test your choice of application method first, to establish if it provides the finish you require.

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