Achieving the Perfect Finish with Perfection Pro

Pičuljan Pro-Nautic, Croatia

Since 1936, Croatian shipbuilders Pičuljan have built over 150 boats, ranging from fishing vessels and passenger transport to sports and recreation. When it came to the aesthetics of their latest generation of vessel, only the best finish would do – that’s where Perfection Pro came in.

“The Rab 720 is designed to win you over at first sight, serving equally well as an elegant family boat, a sports vessel or an all-purpose boat capable of performing in all conditions,” explained Toni Pičuljan, CEO at Pičuljan Pro-Nautic, “That’s why, when the owner requested a new color, I suggested Perfection Pro.”

Perfection Pro is a topside coating with outstanding high gloss, formulated to provide a durable and long-lasting finish with high chemical and abrasion resistance. For this project, the spray formulation was used, although Perfection Pro is also available for brush-and-roller application.

“Perfection Pro is a great product and I use it whenever I can. In terms of application it was easy to use with fantastic coverage, and we were delighted with the final appearance. Perfection Pro lives up to its name – when applied by professionals, you couldn’t ask for better results.”

Vessel Name: MIHOVIL
Product: Perfection Pro (Spray)
Substrate: GRP
Color: Oyster White 1013 and Perfection Black Y999

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