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Does the substrate determine my topside choice?

Modern construction methods using fiberglass, steel and aluminum provide a stable, rigid surface compatible with all types of finish products. However, if your boat is made of wood, the characteristics of the substrate and the construction method used will have a bearing on the product you choose. Carvel and clinker (or lapstrake) constructions are flexible in nature; the wood tends to move as the moisture content varies.

Hard systems, such as two-part polyurethanes, cannot sufficiently flex to accommodate this movement making them likely to crack – therefore, these should be avoided, in favor of a one-part system, as these are suitable for all wood constructions.

Two-part systems, such as Perfection, are more suited to the highly stable constructions of double diagonal planking, cold or hot molded veneers and strip planking where epoxy or Resorcinol type adhesives have been used.

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