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Heavy Brush Marks

What are they and how do I solve this?

Applying paint might seem like a very easy thing to do, but there are ways to do it wrong and create an unsightly finish, such as heavy brush marks. However, by following the guides set out below, you’ll easily achieve results you’ll be proud of.

​How to recognise it

Undesirable ridges/brush marks visible in a dry paint film after brush application.

Causes and how to prevent them

  • Paint applied is too thick for brush application.
    Prevention: Thin paint a little more or add recommended retarder thinner / brush reducer
  • Paint is applied in hot weather and does not have time to flow out.
    Prevention: Apply with roller and then tip off lightly with brush and/or use recommended thinner/retarder to enhance application characteristics (where required)
  • Paint has been overworked with brush when applied.
    Prevention: When applying by brush lay it on and do not keep going back over it.
  • Underlying coats not sanded smooth and brush marks are showing through.
    Prevention: Ensure underlying paint has been sanded free of all brush marks.
  • Two pack products used past their stated pot life.
    Prevention: Ensure two pack paints are used well before their stated pot life which is the time at which they have reacted out too far to flow correctly.

How to treat it

  • Sand surface back to a smooth finish and repaint

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