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Wood Discolouring

What is it and how do I solve this?

Boat timber darkens because the end grain wasn’t sealed properly allowing water to penetrate under the varnish layer. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your boat, below is how to prevent it and treat it.

Black staining most often appears along end grain timber and around holes drilled into timber.

What causes it

Water penetration due to:

  • End grain of timber not sealed sufficiently well.
  • Hand rails only sealed and varnished on exposed side allowing water to penetrate from the rear face.
  • No enough varnish applied to corners and edges.
  • Joints in timber either not sealed or not correctly joined.
  • Lack of maintenance on varnish work and varnish film becomes deficient in film build.
  • Nail / screw fastenings not sealed well enough.

How to prevent it

  • Ensure all timber is well sealed on all edges including those not visible.
  • Ensure nail and screw holes are well sealed.

How to treat it

  • Remove existing varnish and treat with chemical timber restorer to bleach timber back to colour. Re-varnish and seal all exposed edges correctly.
  • Timber may be damaged beyond repair. If so, replace as required.

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